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About Dr. George Reynolds:

Dr. George Reynolds is the founder of He is a certified optometrist & a lifelong educator in the vision field.

Through the Stanford Institute For Natural Vision, which he founded years ago, he has partnered with doctors, health businesses and individuals to bring the possibilities of better vision to people all around the world.

He released his highly acclaimed Natural Perfect Vision system in 2011 to help anybody achieve perfect 20/20 vision in the shortest time possible.

It guides users on a path to understand and improve vision through personal change and a few minutes each day of activities. His program for anyone that wants to improve their vision naturally without surgery.

Dr. George Reynolds has been teaching vision improvement for a long time. His first eyeclasses seminar was in 1982, and his extensive experience shines through clearly in this well-thought-out system.

Dr. George Reynolds
Certified Optometrist & Educator
Stanford Institute For Natural Vision

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